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Astir steps up to help Ukrainian heroes

Astir steps up to help Ukrainian heroes

Astir steps up to help Ukrainian heroes 1440 1081 Astir

To mark the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine, the team at London-based developer Astir – along with its sponsors and friends – have rolled out a wide-ranging support package to help those fleeing the Russian invasion of their country.

This includes sponsoring 17 Ukrainians (12 adults and five children) to travel to live and work in the UK. The support has been wide-ranging and includes housing, the provision of English lessons and general integration into British lifestyle and culture. All children are safely schooled.

Tim Simpkin, of Astir, which is currently developing its West Hampstead Central scheme in London, takes up the story: “At the request of the Ukrainian families we’ve been helping, the Astir team and sponsors have been supporting Ukrainian Heroes on the front line. We are pleased the green truck and winter combat suits are seeing active service with the 88 Battalion sniper division.  

“It is incredibly important for everyone connected to Astir that we show this support to the Ukrainian families, who, through absolutely no fault of their own, have been forced to flee their country.

“As we commemorate the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, we will continue to offer whatever help we can to the Ukrainian people until their country is a safe place for all to live in again. Slava Ukraini.”